After a 10 hour flight we arrived in Denver and got a very warm welcome from Mile High including a real House of Cards Moment – when Hilary Clinton drove by in her big, black SUV. This city grew on us in such a short time that we really have to come back one day to spend a little more time here and explore some more! But we have seen a lot in our 24 hours in Denver and enjoyed it to the fullest, so that we now want to share this with you 🙂 .


Here you find all the things we had been doing in Denver and what you shouldn’t miss when visiting Mile High for the first time. We hope you enjoy this city guide!

Morning Run around Denver Down Town

denver-city-guide-16denver-city-guide-17To be honest, Denver isn’t a real beauty like many other cities, but what makes this city so special is the land surrounding it. Only a few miles from the city you find the skihigh Rocky Mountains and to the East there is nothing but flat grasland. It is a very special mixture of nature and Denver sitting right on the boarder. That is why a Morning Run is what you should do when visiting Denver. This city awakes like no other. Because there are no mountains to the East the sun catches the city exactly by sunrise. The rays slowly reach across the city – along the endless Streets crossing Avenue after Avenue and then climbing up the skyscrapers floor after floor.  It’s so wonderful to see the city waking up like this – all wrapped up in warm gold colours.

Breakfast at The Market

denver-city-guide-5denver-city-guide-4denver-city-guide-6On the hunt for a good breakfast we came across The Market. It’s a Café and Deli offering amazing sandwiches, waffles and more. The Market is situated at Larimer Square – the heart of Denver Down Town and the historic part of the city. It is a charming place perfect for enjoying a great cappuccino at The Market’s porch.

Where to find it? here’s the address: Larimer Square, 1445 Larimer St, Denver

Stroll through Old Town

denver-city-guide-3denver-city-guide-7denver-city-guide-2Larimar Square is simply perfect to start exploring Old Town. Along both sides of the square you can find old building giving you an idea of what Denver had looked like 100 years ago. The Wild Wild West definitely had left its marks on Mile High. As the Square itself isn’t that big simply stroll around the area and keep you eyes open for picture perfect houses and historic billboards on house walls.

Botanic Gardens

denver-city-guide-12denver-city-guide-9denver-city-guide-13You haven’t been in Denver if you haven’t visited the Botanic Gardens. Across 9 hectare 45 theme-gardens are home to over 30.000 different plants. One simply can’t imagine how beautiful this park is. Who would have thought that so many beautiful flowers can grow 1.600 meters above sea level. It is breathtaking!

Our favorite gardens were the Japanese Park and the Tropical House. Also don’t forget to stop by the Science Pyramide. It is a beautifully designed house where one can learn a lot about the difference floras and faunas in the US. This is also a really nice place for kids to explore!

Admission Fee: 12,5 $ for adults | 9 $ students with ID, kids (3-15 years) and seniors

Where to find the garden entrance? 1007 York Street, Denver

Lunch at Hive Garden Bistro

denver-city-guide-14Exploring the Botanic Gardens makes everyone hungry at some point. So stop by the Hive Garden Bistro and enjoy a great lunch surrounded by waterlilies and roses.

At first we thought this might be a tourist-trap but it turned out to be absolutely amazing. The whole bistro is perfectly designed and 100% ecological. Starting with their plates made out of banana leaves and their cups made out of recycled plastic which will be recycled again after use. The food was great too. We had yummy sandwiches with sweet potato fries and where super happy that we had stopped by this nice place.

Where to find? 1007 York Street, Denver + only if entering the gardens

Wings over the Rockies

denver-city-guide-wings-over-the-rockiespicture by

If you aren’t that much into plants and don’t wanna spend all you precious time in the gardens then this might be something for you: The Wings over the Rockies Museum. The old hangar of the Lower Air Force Base had been converted to a great museum featuring old and new aircrafts. For military to civilian use and everything between. It shows the whole aeronautical history of the wild wild west and is definitely worth a visit.

Sadly we arrived at the museum finding out that a private event had been in full swing. Therefore the museum was closed to the public that day. But if Wings over the Rockies is only half as interesting as the Museum of Flight in Seattle DON’T miss it. This is also true for people who are not that passionate about aircrafts!

The exact address is: 7711 E Academy Blvd #1, Denver 

Dinner at Linger

linger-denver-city-guidepicture by 

As we had only one evening in Denver we wanted to celebrate a little and decided to have dinner at a very fancy restaurant called Ocean Prime. It turned out to be very good but way too expansive. We had a nice evening though but we wouldn’t really recommend the restaurant.

Before our trip I had been looking for nice places and I found one very promising tip by Abby of . The Denver based blogger mentioned Linger to be her favorite restaurant in the city. But somehow I forgot about that when the “dinner-discussion” came up. Now I’m kind of regretting it, but it will not be our last time in Denver for sure 🙂 .

Where to find Linger? 2030 W. 30th Ave., Denver

Have you ever been to Denver? If yes, what is one your To-Do List? We are curious 🙂

Happy Traveling!