Berlin is a true Mekka for coffee addicts like us. There are super nice places to enjoy a good cappuccino all over the city. The scent of freshly ground coffee beans enriches the air. It is simply great! Especially in late spring when it’s getting warmer and Berlin’s coffee shops wander outside. This is when one can enjoy great brews while watching the busy life of the city.

When we visited Berlin this May we came across a few really nice places all over the city. We were overwhelmed by 3 very special ones, where we spent our early mornings before exploring buzzing Berlin. By coincidence all 3 are situated in Berlin-Mitte so we have to come back and check out all the other places :). So here is our first Coffee Guide, which we plan to do on as many cities as possible.

Distrikt Coffee

Berlin-Mitte Coffee Guide -4Berlin-Mitte Coffee Guide -6Berlin-Mitte Coffee Guide -5Since our visit to Berlin this year we are wallowing in memories of the best pancakes we had at the Distrikt Coffee in a long long time. These special buttermilk pancakes with wild berries were just to die for. Beside the great pancakes they offer one can also enjoy absolutely delicious coffee 🙂 . That is why the Distrikt Coffee is our favorite café in Berlin-Mitter and the first on our list.

The atmosphere is great and very international that even most of the staff only speaks english, but we loved that very cosmopolitan vibe. While the interior is very modern and typical Berlin-style the Distrikt Coffee doesn’t have this “We are vegan so you have to be too”-attitude. We don’t mean to offend any vegan, but people don’t have to be so bossy about their diet.

All over this place is absolutely great especially for breakfast or brunch!

Travel Tip: make a reservation in advance be prepared to wait. But the team is very helpful and will help you find a nice place to enjoy your time in no time.

Where to find it? Right here: Bergstraße 68, 10115 Berlin

Garçon de Café

Berlin-Mitte Coffee Guide -2-2 Berlin-Mitte Coffee Guide -1-2 Berlin-Mitte Coffee Guide -3-2

Stationary store and coffee shop at once. The Garçon de Café had been the biggest surprise to us on our Berlin trip. The small place is located in Berlin-Mitte near Prenzlauer Berg. While enjoying the best coffee we had on this weekend we took a look at the great choice of fine paper products and small gifts. Beside the amazing cappuccino and flat white the barista is who makes this place so unique. We haven’t seen someone so happy and interested with his craftsmanship like this young french men. He came to Berlin for love and now enchants coffee junkies like us 🙂

The menu is small but what they have is absolutely delicious. Especially the coffee is to die for so that we even forgot to take a picture of it 🙂 . That’s a good sign for this small coffee shop in Berlin-Mitte!

Where is the Garçon de Café? Right here: Mulackstraße 32, 10119 Berlin

The Barn

Coffee Guide Berlin-Mitte 01Berlin-Mitte Coffee Guide -1Berlin-Mitte Coffee Guide -3

On our first morning we popped by The Barn in Berlin-Mitte. It has been quite early because we wanted to seize the day but we ended up chatting till noon while enjoying our coffee. We sat outside on small wooden chairs and had fresh croissants and cake while the sandwiches looked amazing too.

Where to find The Barn? Right here: Auguststraße 58, 10119 Berlin

Hope you enjoyed our first mini coffee guide on Berlin-Mitte and you’ll be back for many more to come 🙂

Are there any other nice coffee places in Berlin-Mitte you like? Because we are sure that there are and we are always curious to learn more! If yes then please tell us more about it in the comments 🙂