After one month living and working in Gothenburg, Sweden, it is time to “take stock” of what I had learned and experienced. Now I’m back home in Vienna – after a short layover in beautiful Wachau with the family. I’m so happy to see them all again but I left a piece of my heart in Gothenburg. This city grew on me and made me fall in love with Sweden all over again.

I have been to Sweden many times before. My family and I had spent many summer holidays here, where we had Kanelbulle every single day and stayed at the lovely Swedish house of my uncle and aunt near Stockholm. Three years ago I did an internship in Stockholm and Vaxjö and lived there for a month, too. So I can say that I know Sweden very well for a non-Swed. But I have never experienced Sweden like in these past 4 weeks. The Swedish Autumn took my heart by storm and showed me a whole other side of this beautiful vast country.

denver-city-guide-3I arrived at Göteborg Lanvetter on 3rd of September. The weather was hot and a beautiful Indian summer ruled the city. At first I was a little sad because I hoped to wear my new autumn outfit, which I have bought in Vancouver. But who really complains about a sunny day? So I had the chance to spend all my time outside and explore Gothenburg and the Islands.

denver-city-guide-1What I realised in these 4 weeks is that Swedes are pros when it comes to seizing every single minute of the few warm and sunny days that they are granted. Everyone is outside on the streets enjoying themselves. Laying in the sun and having a beer with friends – they simply know how to make the most out of their Indian summer. The Swedish Autumn as many call it makes this country one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.

Temperature were around 20 degrees and Gothenburg fell into a very relaxed mood. Nobody rushes from appointment to appointment because everybody wants to capture these rare moment. I noticed that people sometimes just stop and hold their face against the warm sun shine. The pub gardens are full – close to bursting point and people have picnics at Trädgårdsföreningen Park. This atmosphere were exactly what I witnessed during the last 4 weeks when exploring Gothenburg after work.

denver-city-guide-2I don’t know a country where people enjoy late summer as much as Sweden. And that is exactly what I have learned for life while living there: Seizing every single moment of beauty in life!

But as a winter-loving person I might also enjoy Sweden in Winter. So I hope to go there sometime to explore this amazing country when it is buried under snow J .

Have you been to Sweden in Autumn? How did you like it?

Happy Traveling