Travellerista is a pun mixing up “traveller” and “barista” – because it doesn’t matter if it’s Vienna or Vietnam, every country and every culture has its secrets and sometimes they hide within a single coffee bean. We – the Travellerista team – are eager to lift these secrets and get to know foreign places and cultures!

Because of our gypsy soul we founded Travellerista in summer 2016 to share our experiences and travel knowledge with our readers ❤ In very detailed articles we want to feature city trips and adventures with one regular topic: Coffee. As coffee addicts we plan on making a list of nice coffee shops from as many destinations as possible. Getting to know a city with only limited time is easier when knowing where to look. We both experienced that a hundred times. We spend a long weekend in a city we’ve never been to and have no glue where to go and what to see beside the major sights. What we want is a real unique experience of a place and really wanna feel the city’s vibe rather than hopping from one sight to another that most locals have never been to in their entire life. That’s why we started Travellerista – so we can share our way of traveling.


travellerista team-8No matter if a cappuccino or a Café Latte, Johanna loves to have a good coffee in the morning to start the day with a caffeine kick. On her city journeys she is always looking for the perfect Café to satisfy her desire, but Johanna is not always on city trips, she also likes the countryside. Since the year 2015 she is living in the capital city of Austria, Vienna, and studies physics at the University of Vienna.

Next Travel Plans? Good old Venice, but the original in Italy!

Favorite Coffee? I always go for a Caffé Latte.

On my bucket list is …  Petra, Jordan, would be amazing.

Favorite City? San Francisco.

Luxury Holiday or Adventure Trip? Adventure, but now and than luxury ist that bad either. 🙂

Best Travel Quote?

“I’m a travel addict on the road to recovery. Just kidding, I’m on the road to the airport.” – Unknown.


travellerista team-13Growing up with one index finger always on a map traveling has always been one of Theresa’s greatest passions. She shares this love for foreign places on your personal lifestyle blog Since 2012 she is living in Vienna and is still overwhelmed by its beauty. While studying economics she is always looking for new places to visit and is the “adventure-coordinator” on the Travellerista Team.

Next Travel Plans? Gothenburg, Sweden – in search of the best kanelbullar 🙂 .

Favorite Coffee? Flat White.

On my bucket list is … Patagonia, Iceland und Alaska, somehow the wilderness is luring me in at the moment 🙂 .

Favorite City? Beside Vienna, it’s definitely Budapest and Stockholm (equally).

Luxury Holiday or Adventure Trip? The perfect dose is key – but if I have to choose than I would rather go on adventure.

Best Travel Quote?

“Because in the End, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb the goddamn mountain.” – Jack Kerouac.