Valencia is a city that offers so much – from architecture to traditional food, from fashionable shops to history rich places. No matter what you are looking for you will find it here. The little sister of famous Barcelona is always worth a visit and we want to share our top 5 sights for you first visit to beautiful Valencia.

Catedral de Valencia

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It seams as the square on which the Cathedral of Valencia stand on had always had an spiritual aura. Before the magnificent church was build there had been a Roman temple and a mosque in the exact same place. As almost every cathedral in Europe you find a mix of different architectural styles – especially gothic and renaissance, which is simply beautiful. We stood there right in front of the main entrance and enjoyed the beauty that hides behind pointed arches and stuck ornaments.

What caught our eye was the octagonal steeple, which is called El Micalet. Fun fact: scope and hight of the tower are equal. So the building looks a little … fat 🙂 .

Mercat Central

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This is the true heart of the old town of Valencia. Beautiful in its own right the Mercat Central is the perfect starting point to explore the city by foot. Moreover it’s a beautiful market hall that is very famous among tourists but also locals come here for food shopping. With a very special charm it is great to stroll through the hall that offers everything a true foodie heart craves 🙂 .

Museo Nacional de Cerámica Gonzáles Martí

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First built in the 13. century it had been rebuild/renovated in the 18. century and became a pearl of stucco and orange marble. Simply beautiful the Museo Nacional de Cerámica Gonzáles Martí is a true eye catcher. If you want to see more of breathtaking decoration – check out the museum. The entrence fee is only 3€ for grown ups and free for those younger than 18.

Ciudad de las artes y las ciencias

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The architects of the Ciudad de las artes y las ciencias must have been Star Wars freaks. Because the while futurist city (within the city) look like giant space ships landed in the center of Valencia. Buildings in extraordinary shapes in white, light blue glas and concrete makes this place absolutely amazing. It’s hard to believe that this complex has opened it’s doors in 1998, when the first building L’Hemisfèric (second picture) had been finished.

The Ciudad de las artes y las ciencias is where you find museums and concert halls. Moreover you can dance the night away in one of Valencia’s hottest night clubs calles “Mia”. It’s an outdoor club, which is situated in L’Umbracle building (looks like a giant dinosaur skeleton)!

If you want more detailed info on the separate buildings you gonna find everything here.

Jardines Del Turia (our special recommendation!!)

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Jardines Del Turia – this is the oasis of Valencia. Here is where locals come to relax, take extended walk and have picnic with friends and family. What’s so special about this park is that there once had been a river called Turia. Today it’s a 7 km long dry riverbed that had become the city’s recreation area.

The best way to explore the Jardines Del Turia is by bike or rollerblades. Simply rent them in the city and enjoy the relaxed vibe of this amazing place. Drive beneath bridges, have coffee in one of the countless cafés and make your way down to the Ciudad de las artes y las ciencia, which is situated right at the end of the park.

This are our top 5 sight, which you need to check out on your first visit to Valencia. We hope you enjoyed it and tell you what you think about it in the comments ❤.

Happy Traveling!